Pacific Association Of Challenge Enthusiasts

30th Anniversary Photo Gallery

PACE 30th Anniversary Square Dance Party
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Thanks to Randy Schenk for the pictures!

30th Dancers 21.jpg 30th Dancers 31.jpg 30th Dancers 41.jpg 30th Dancers 51.jpg 30th Dancers1.jpg
 30th Dancers 21  30th Dancers 31  30th Dancers 41  30th Dancers 51  30th Dancers1
30th Decoration 21.jpg 30th Decoration1.jpg Bob Padget 1.jpg Bob PadgetCame to Dance 1.jpg Bob Pagget 2jpg1.jpg
 30th Decoration 21  30th Decoration1  Bob Padget 1  Bob PadgetCame to Dance 1  Bob Pagget 2jpg1
Carol Buss1.jpg Dancing while renewing Friendships 21.jpg Dancing while renewing Friendships1.jpg Dick Arlene & Roger1.jpg Elaina & Joyce1.jpg
 Carol Buss1  Dancing while renewing Friendships 21  Dancing while renewing Friendships1  Dick Arlene & Roger1  Elaina & Joyce1
Elliot Pucker1.jpg Jim & Ardith1.jpg Jim & Dawn1.jpg Jim Pagget Dancing1.jpg Lunch 13.jpg
 Elliot Pucker1  Jim & Ardith1  Jim & Dawn1  Jim Pagget Dancing1  Lunch 13
Lunch 101.jpg Lunch 111.jpg Lunch 121.jpg Lunch 141.jpg Lunch 21.jpg
 Lunch 101  Lunch 111  Lunch 121  Lunch 141  Lunch 21
Lunch 31.jpg Lunch 41.jpg Lunch 51.jpg Lunch 61.jpg Lunch 71.jpg
 Lunch 31  Lunch 41  Lunch 51  Lunch 61  Lunch 71
Lunch 81.jpg Lunch 91.jpg Lunch Final Touches1.jpg Lunch is Ready 21.jpg Lunch is Ready1.jpg
 Lunch 81  Lunch 91  Lunch Final Touches1  Lunch is Ready 21  Lunch is Ready1
Lunch1.jpg Ralph & Valleri1.jpg Renewing Friendships 11.jpg Renewing Friendships1.jpg Renewing Old Friendships 11.jpg
 Lunch1  Ralph & Valleri1  Renewing Friendships 11  Renewing Friendships1  Renewing Old Friendships 11
Renewing Old Friendships 21.jpg Renewing Old Friendships1.jpg Ros & Future Dancer1.jpg Ross Howell1.jpg Ross with Cal & Mary Lou1.jpg
 Renewing Old Friendships 21  Renewing Old Friendships1  Ros & Future Dancer1  Ross Howell1  Ross with Cal & Mary Lou1
Suzane Valleri & Elaina1.jpg The Last Word1.jpg The Word of God Translated1.jpg Vic & Debbie Dropped in 1.jpg Vic & Debbie Dropped in 2 1.jpg
 Suzane Valleri & Elaina1  The Last Word1  The Word of God Translated1  Vic & Debbie Dropped in 1  Vic & Debbie Dropped in 2 1
We all Danced1.jpg Wow what a Gift for our Founders1.jpg Return to PACE Home    
 We all Danced1  Wow what a Gift for our Founders1